The Evidence Based Birth® Seminar Series covers hot topics in the birth field.

Each seminar is 1.5 hrs in length and CEUs for professionals are available.

Due Dates and AMA

Did you know that the #1 reason for induction is "postdates"? In this Evidence Based Birth® seminar, packed with facts, you will learn the evidence on induction of labor for reaching the due date, and for going past 41-42 weeks of pregnancy.

We'll also cover a little bit about "advanced maternal age," and discuss the actual numbers of increase in stillbirth with older age.

Newborn Procedures

Is Vitamin K safe?  Does delayed cord clamping lead to jaundice? How can we help families who give birth by cesarean get skin to skin in the OR? We'll  look at the research on procedures for babies during the "golden hour." We will cover the history and research on interventions including which  are the "best practices" and which procedures can be safely delayed or declined. 

Homebirth Transfers

Designed for providers, this workshop will challenge you to address your fears and concerns about transfers from planned homebirths into the hospital. What guidelines can hospital staff follow when accepting a transfer? What can homebirth providers do to ease the transfer?  What are the basic safety statistics of homebirth, and what is needed to make homebirth safer?

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