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Amanda Macdonald
Certified Professional Midwife

Offering personalized and complete prenatal care and home birth midwifery services to families in the Reno/Sparks community.

Parents holding newborn after home birth

Considering a home birth midwife in Reno?  
More and more families are skipping the hospital and staying at home. The rate of home birth in Nevada has grown and is currently higher than the national average and it continues to grow!

Is it safe? 
With a healthy low risk pregnancy, outcomes are very similar between planned home births assisted by a skilled midwife and births in the hospital.

Why choose home?  
There are many benefits to home birth. Significantly fewer interventions, freedom to labor and birth the way you want, significantly reduced rates of cesarean birth, and high rates of breastfeeding success. Many families say they are more emotionally satisfied with their birth experiences at home.

"Home birth with midwives is not a trend. Hospital birth with doctors was a trend that lasted about 70-80 years before women began returning to what they know truly works."

                      -Darlene Dorries-Scrivner


My name is Amanda Macdonald.

I am a Licensed and Certified Professional Midwife, dedicated to serving the families of Truckee Meadows. 

I believe pregnancy and birth are usually normal, natural, and often transformative experiences, worthy of the utmost respect and care. I also believe we live in a remarkable time with advances in healthcare, which when used appropriately, can provide us with an increased level of safety and security. The timeless wisdom and instinct of our bodies, and the evidence-based use of modern tools if needed, can be an amazing combination.


For over a decade, I have had the honor of caring for and supporting birthing families and their babies, according to their individual needs, through what I hope to be some of the most precious times in their lives.

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Newborn baby with rainbow blanket

Respectful Care, Informed Choices, Safety In Mind. Always.


The midwifery model of care takes a holistic relationship-centered approach to the pregnancy and birthing continuum. Care is built on a respectful and trusting relationship that prioritizes informed decision making and autonomy.


Placenta encapsulation is the practice of preparing capsules of dehydrated and ground placenta for consumption. These capsules are taken by the birthing parent and are believed to provide numerous health benefits.


Lamaze is the gold standard in childbirth education. Today’s Lamaze classes focus less on breathing and more on the evidence-based

Six Healthy Birth Practices and providing parents with a variety of comfort techniques.


We offer temporary "Interim" Prenatal Care for low risk pregnant people planning hospital births with an OB or CNM, or families who do not plan to give birth locally. This should be used as supplementary until your can see your OB/CNM.  



12 W. Taylor Street
Reno, NV 89509

Tel: 775 - 525 - 1669

Fax: 775 - 418 - 7654

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