Yes, I do work with many insurance companies! It's a common misconception that insurance companies will not cover a homebirth or a midwife.

Here are some of the companies I work with on a regular basis:

  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Hometown Health

  • United Health Care

To get an idea of what your insurance company will or won't cover, we will want to run a verification of benefits. My insurance biller will contact your insurance company to get all the details about your specific plan and coverage. This process might be simple and as quick as a week, or your insurance company may require additional paperwork and requests for exceptions or authorizations which could take several weeks. It is best to start the verification of benefits process as soon as possible, preferably before our first appointment. 

My biller charges a $25 fee through Paypal to run the verification for you. This covers her time on the phone as well as the time she spends doing paperwork and following up on requests and exceptions. ​

Please use this form to contact my biller Vicci with UR Biller.
She will need some forms from you as well as a copy of your insurance card. She will let you know what else she may need to complete your verification of benefits.

Thanks! Vicci will be in touch soon.