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How To Use Your Insurance Benefits

Yes, many insurance companies cover home birth with CPMs!

Sage Springs Midwifery is an in-network provider with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Some companies can provide in-network rates on a case-by-case basis. Others will always be out of network. Contact Amanda for more details.


Families will be responsible for Sage Spring Midwifery's full fee except for what their insurance company covers. There are always charges that insurance does not cover whether in-network (like with Anthem) or out of network. 

Sage Springs Midwifery will provide clients with a superbill when care is complete to file with your insurance. You can file a claim yourself or opt to work with my insurance biller.

To get an idea of what your insurance company will or won't cover, you may want to run a verification of benefits. My insurance biller will contact your insurance company to get all the details about your specific plan and coverage. This process is usually simple and my biller can complete it within about a week. She will provide you with more information about any additional paperwork she can do for you to max out the amount of reimbursement from your insurance company. She charges a $25 fee for this service. 


If you are interested in hiring my biller to help you file your insurance claim after baby is born, you can request more details from her directly. She does charge a fee for this service and is not able to guarantee reimbursement.

Scroll down to submit VOB request

Please only use the form below to request a verification of your insurance benefits from my biller.
My biller is not able to provide you with my midwifery fees, only a summary of your benefits. 

If you are inquiring about the cost of home birth please email me for my fees:

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any form of Medicaid at this time. I offer families with
Medicaid a significant discount. Please email me for Medicaid discount details:

Request a Verification of Benefits 

VOB fee is $25

Thanks for submitting!

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