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Interim Prenatal Care

Midwife Tools - BP cuff, fetoscope, doppler, urinalysis strips, notebook

Sage Springs Midwifery offers Interim Prenatal Care for low risk pregnant people planning hospital births with an OB/CNM, or who do not plan to give birth locally.

Interim Care is temporary care meant to supplement the care you are receiving or will receive from a hospital-based

or out of area provider. 

Interim Care may be appropriate for the following reasons:

  • If your new or usual provider is unable to schedule appointments in a timely way due to the practice's heavy patient load

  • If you are waiting for your Medicaid benefits to be established and are unable to schedule an appointment with your provider until completed

  • If you will be in the Reno area temporarily and do not plan to give birth locally

Although we offer complete prenatal care at your appointment, Interim Care should not be used as your sole form of care if you are planning a hospital birth. You should establish care with a hospital based provider as soon as possible. This allows for a more streamlined and cohesive experience at the hospital.

Interim Care does not include care during labor or at your birth in any way, nor does it include postpartum or newborn care. We offer prenatal visits only. Any major concerns outside of your prenatal visits should first be directed to your OB, the L&D department at your chosen hospital, or an ER.

Interim Prenatal Appointment Fee is $100.

Our hope is to provide quality care to anyone in need. Fees can be on a sliding scale.

Please contact via email or text for more information.

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